Doctor's Play Set

Doctor's Play Set

This beautifully crafted wooden playset is perfect for budding little doctors, helping them nurse their teddies, dinosaurs, dolls and friends back to tip top condition. A set of 8 durable pieces, including a wooden stethoscope and wooden暲_暲_medicine bottles,暲_暲_this playset offers unlimited scope for imagination and role playing, essential for childrens intellectual, emotional and creative development. Children will暲_暲_learn about暲_暲_going to the doctors, develop暲_暲_essential language and communication skills talking to their cuddly patients and also develop a heightened sense of empathy.暲_暲_

L16,5 x W5 cm, Set of 8
Materials: Rubberwood, Schima wood, Plywood, Metal, Cotton
Recommended age: +3 years