Interview with Richard Burdett

Hop of Hackney is proud to stock an array of beautiful children's books, one of which is the gorgeous book entitled Likely Tales, written by Richard Burdett. We caught up with Richard for a chat to find out what inspires his writing and why he loves about Hop of Hackney. 

Hi Richard! So, how many books have you written?

Two published to date, others are scripts for animation, awaiting to be adapted.

Have you always been an author?

No, I made my career was as an animation director, script writer, designer and animator.

What is the inspiration behind your book, Likely Tales?

’Likely Tales’ was written over several years and published 3 years ago in 2017 with our grandchildren in mind. ‘Likely Tales’ was inspired by amusing rhymes about animals jumping into my head, which in turn served as a vehicle for the illustrations. My newly published book, ‘The Princess, The Frog and The Jelly’, was originally written as an animated film script. 

How did you develop the plot and characters?

Having a wild imagination, a talent for drawing amusing characters, and writing ‘unlikely’ stories.

We are so thrilled to be stocking your products, can you tell us what you like about Hop of Hackney?

Penny and I found Hop of Hackney some years ago while looking for a present for one of our grandchildren. It has a great selection of items for children!

As we come into Christmas, do you have any products in mind that would make a fantastic gift for a loved one?

A fun book to read and a nice woolly scarf to keep the chill out!


Likely Tales is available to buy in store.