Interview with George Hudson

We chat to George Hudson about how a hpnobirthing course was the inspiration behind the gorgeous 'Kaiholo the Whale' book!
Hi George! How many books have you written? I have written one book that I have published but I am in the process of writing a second….and a third
Have you always been an author? How did you get started? I’ve always written music but this is my first book – which is also written alongside music, so I guess I’m easing myself in.
4. What is your newest book called? Can you tell us a bit about it? Kaiholo the Whale is a children’s book about a baby blue whale and his relationship to song, the stars and his family. It is written alongside accompanying music and a lullaby that connect to the story – the music incorporates relaxing piano music, ASMR underwater sounds and whale-like-vocals.
5. What is the inspiration behind the book? My wife and I were on a hypnobirthing course last year. Our teacher would read us scripts accompanied by music to help relax us and control the anxieties associated with the thought of birth. I loved the idea of reading to music that was specifically written In connection to the story, something that would induce calm and encourage mindfulness. My wife and I love diving and I have always had a connection to the ocean. There is something other-worldly about breathing underwater – it’s the closest you can get to being able to fly.
6. How did you develop the plot and characters? I wanted to write about whales because of their song. I had read that they actually use the stars to navigate these incredibly long journeys and I’ve always been obsessed by how everything in the universe connected. The story is simple but touches on trust, bravery and connection – things that are important to begin to understand as you’re growing up.
7. We are so thrilled to be stocking your products, can you tell us what you like about Hop of Hackney? We love the bookshelf and the wooden cameras are a nice touch.
8. As we come into Christmas, do you have any products in mind from Hop of Hackney that would make a fantastic gift for a loved one? ‘Kaiholo the Whale’ immersive children’s book ;)
Kaiholo the Whale is available to buy in store.